Donation Guidelines & Free Food Resources

Community fridges are maintained by volunteers and community members.

Donations can be made directly to the fridge, freezer, and pantry any time, 24/7.

Anyone is welcome to take whatever they need.



  • Fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Meals/goods from certified kitchens (labelled with kitchen name, ingredients/ allergens, prepared/ best before date)
  • Sealed PPE and toiletries

YES, IF… commercially packaged and labelled with best before date

  • Bread, baked goods
  • Dairy & alternatives
  • Frozen foods
  • Eggs
  • Cooked meat (e.g. cold cuts)
  • Sealed non-alcoholic drinks
  • Grab-and-go foods
  • Pantry items
  • Pet food


  • Raw meat or seafood
  • Home-cooked food or leftovers
  • Rotting or wilted food
  • Unlabelled or open food (repackaging bulk goods for donation is acceptable — portions must include labels)
  • Items past expiry (bread frozen prior to best before date is acceptable)
  • Alcohol or medications
  • Dented cans
  • Ungraded eggs
  • Excess packaging (please break down bulk goods/take waste with you — i.e. cases of drinks, bags of fruit, etc.)
  • Clothing or housewares


  • COVID safety: please wear a mask, allow space between others, and use hand sanitizer at the fridge
  • Remove any “NO, THANKS!” items
  • Split up a bunch or bag of food to give more people access (e.g. breaking bananas from a bunch, removing plastic packaging from apples or a box from granola bars)
  • Please feel free to leave a few grocery bags
  • Make sure there’s no food on top of the fridge
  • Store eggs on lowest shelf of the fridge
  • Please don’t leave anything on the ground. If there’s no space for your donation, please come back another time, or donate elsewhere. Thank you!

BONUS: snap a pic of what’s there & share with us on social media!



  • Fruits & vegetables (fresh, frozen, or from your garden)
  • Bread & other baked goods
  • Milk (non-dairy, too!)
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Frozen prepared meals
  • Juice boxes, water bottles
  • Grab-and-go items (e.g. granola bars, protein bars, fruit cups, pop-top cans)
  • Freezies, popsicles
  • Coffee, tea
  • Cereal
  • Cookies, candy, treats
  • Sauces, spices, condiments
  • Baking supplies (flour, butter, sugar)
  • Pet food
  • Baby formula
  • Soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, diapers, menstrual products



  • Food Bank & Emergency Services, Neighbour to Neighbour 28 Athens St. (Contact for intake appt. 905-574-1334)
  • Emergency Food Program, Parkview Church 1120 West 5th St. (Mon-Thu 10AM-1PM, Fri 10AM-12PM)
  • Mountain Mutual Aid Network
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church Community Services and Food Bank 284 Concession St. (905-575-8764)
  • New Vision United Church, snacks & rest space 24 Main St. W. (Daily 5-10PM)
  • Soup Kitchen, Salvation Army 94 York Blvd. (Mon-Fri 11:15AM-12PM)
  • Hot Meals, Good Shepherd Centres 135 Mary St. (Mon-Sat 3:30-4:45PM)
  • Mobile Meal Service, Salvation Army 71 Rebecca St. (8-8:45PM), Bayfront Park (9-9:45PM), Barton St. (10-10:45PM)
  • Youth Resources [Ages 13-25], Living Rock 30 Wilson St. (Mon-Fri: Breakfast 9-10AM, Dinner 4-5PM. Hampers avail. daily + Sat & Sun 12-5PM. Pick-up at side door)
  • Food Bank, Restoration House 103 MacNab St. N. (Tue, Fri, Sun 12-2PM)
  • Food Bank, Salvation Army 80 Bay St. N. (Mon-Fri 9:30AM-11:45AM, Fri+ 1PM-3:30PM)
  • Wesley Day Centre 195 Ferguson Ave. N. (Mon-Fri 8:30AM-4PM, Sat 9AM-1:30PM, Sun 12:30-5PM)
  • Food Bank, Welcome Inn Community Centre 40 Wood St. E. (Mon, Wed-Fri 10:30AM-2PM)
  • Infant Formula & Diaper Bank 100 Main St. E. (Mon, Wed, Fri 10AM-12PM)
  • Emergency Food Bank, Good Shepherd Centres 155 Cannon St. E. (Call to register, 905-972-9485, opt 1)
  • Food Pantry, King’s Way Outreach Centre 390 King William St. (Mon-Thu 11AM-12:30PM, 1:30-3PM)
  • DeMazenod Door Outreach, St. Patrick’s Church 440 King Street E. (Sat-Thu: Breakfast 10-11AM, Lunch 11AM-1PM. Fri [BBQ]: Breakfast 10-11AM, Lunch 1-2:30PM)
  • BlueDoor Food Pantry, The Hamilton Dream Centre 627 Main St. E. Suite 100 (Appointment only, 905-527-8605)
  • Hamilton East Campus Food Bank 203 Bell Ave. (905-545-6180)
  • Food Bank, All Nations Full Gospel Church 1209 Main St. E. (Sun. 12:30-1:30PM)
  • Niwasa Food Bank 785 Britannia Ave. (Appointment & delivery only, 905-549-4884)
  • Emergency Outreach Program, Native Women’s Centre Hamper deliveries for Indigenous people (905-664-1114)
  • The Giving Cupboard, Crown Point Community Church 92 Ottawa St. N. (Wed. 12-2PM)
  • Good Food Centre, Mission Services 196 Wentworth St. N (Mon, Wed, Fri 9AM-12PM, 1PM-3PM. Tue & Thu 9AM-12PM)
  • Emergency Food Pantry, Eva Rothwell 460 Wentworth St. N. (Appointment only, 905-526-1558 ext. 405)


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