Planning Committee

Do you love Kirkendall? We do too! Kirkendall is truly one of Hamilton’s great urban neighbourhoods. The KNA Planning Committee is dedicated to shaping our neighbourhood by developing strategies and participating in future development plans for Kirkendall.

The last time Kirkendall developed a plan to guide its growth was in 1974 (You can read the 1974 plan here). Over the past four decades, a lot has changed in the neighbourhood. To set a new course for the future, the City of Hamilton and the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association (KNA) have partnered to develop a new neighbourhood-level strategy. Its purpose is to outline a vision for our community and develop an action plan that addresses current and future needs. We’re calling this project #mykirkendall.

We need your help to shape this new strategy and help us chart the course for future development of the neighbourhood.

What We Do

Some of the issues we are tackling include:

  • Intensification (new housing, redevelopment and tall buildings)
  • Parks and Green Spaces
  • Traffic Calming (pedestrian and cycling safety)
  • Street Beautification (plants, trees, benches, water filling stations)
  • Urban Forestry
  • Parking
  • Cycling (separated lanes, paths)
  • Community Centres and other services
  • Alleyways (beautification, laneway housing, access)

Neighbourhood Enhancements

  • Aberdeen Street Diet
  • Complete Streets
  • Bike Routes
  • My Future Hamilton

Defining Sustainable Development

Environmental, economic, and social well-being for today and tomorrow.

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  2. Sustainable Development per Environment Canada
  3. Sustainable Development per International Institute for Sustainable Development

Interested in sharing your ideas? Reach out to us today.