We are the

Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association

Our mission is to promote a strong, liveable community and to empower residents of our neighbourhood through community involvement.

News and Events

Our Objectives

This is how we Build Our Community

To increase the natural beauty and environmental sustainability of the neighbourhood

To promote redevelopment that reflects the values of the neighbourhood.

To be a credible, powerful and representative voice for the community, while remaining non-partisan and inclusive.

To engage members of the community in issues both specific to the area and Hamilton wide.

To participate in planning that affects the residents of this community

To foster a safe, secure community.

Featured Business

Dundurn Market

Dundurn Market is a local market and cafe specializing in local & organic produce and healthy sandwiches, salads, soups, smoothies and juices.

“We love the Kirkendall community and our goal is to be a space for the local neighborhood to gather through various events including cooking classes, live music nights, pop-up dinners, literary events and general group meetings and gatherings.”

-Dundurn Market

**This is a paid advertisement**

Images From Our Neighbourhood

  • Kirkendall Railway Bridge